mercoledì 5 settembre 2012

Long time, no posts

I connected to our blog today, and with great surprise I noticed that we haven't posted anything since March...NO WAY! I think we have been taken attention by Instagram these last few months, leaving the blog to live an unwanted break. In fact Instagram is faster, immediate. You post a photo with the phone, no matter where you are or if you are in hurry or not. You see something you like that you want to share with friends and family...and click! It's online with a little description. On the other side, people is immediately connected with you and the answers to your instagram post is also immediate. We live fast. Rarely we can find the time to stop, collect our thoughts, leave the stress and problems behind and concentrate to write something here lately. 

I must say that we didn't bore these last few months and the break of the blog was also due to a lot of other reasons than Instagram. We travelled quite a lot this year. In April we went visiting my cousin in Madrid, Spain where we spent a week with her and his boyfriend David. We had a great time in Madrid, we could visit this capital for the first time and my cousin gave us the opportunity to live it like we were madrileños living in the city like them. This meant lot of fun (Viva la movida!), lot of beer, lot of tapas, lot of walking around. We didn't miss the touristic places tough...museums like "Prado" and "Reina Sofia", the Royal Palace and Cathedral, Cibeles, and much much more. One day we went all together to visit Toledo, a really nice town south of Madrid which really worth the visit. 

At the end of May, just in time for the Royal Jubilee, we went to visit some good friends in London, where we spent a long weekend enjoying good food and great company, trying new restaurants, walking through old and new markets, shopping and enjoying our favorite city on the planet. We love London!

July arrived fast, and on the 20th we left for southeast Asia where we travelled one month among Indonesia (Bali), Thailand (Bangkok), Singapore and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Perhentian Kecil island). It was an incredible experience, probably one of the best journey we have ever taken. Like always, we planned everything by ourselves and it was a totally independent travel. More than a travel, it was big adventure, a moment of personal growth, both culturally and emotionally. A deep dive into different cultures, customs, way of lives and environments. We definitely want to go back to these countries again and see more, especially in Thailand and Malaysia. By the way, Bali was the best part of the trip but it was also the longest stop we made and gave us the opportunity to visit it very well and feel part of it with the help of the incredible people who live there, so friendly and helpful, with the biggest and most beautiful smiles we have ever seen. 

To support these little descriptions, we will post some pictures of these experiences to share them with our followers.

La Dolce Vita is back blogging...or almost the attempt to be back if life or Instagram won't block us again!!


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